Style:  Neo-Psychedelic Groove Echoes
Members:  Peter Ruddell (Guitar), Carl Redwood (Bass), Bridge (Drums)
From:  Auckland, Aotearoa

Twitter:  @yolandaband



Listen / Buy
SoundCloud:  http://soundcloud.com/yolandaband
BandCamp:  http://yolanda.bandcamp.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Yolandaband

YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/yolandaband


  • When you see Auckland based group Yolanda play live their neo-psychedelic groove echoes with so much conviction that you will start to find yourself wondering where the hell it is these young men have come from.
  • Peter Ruddell, Carl Redwood and Thomas Shoebridge (or just Bridge) formed Yolanda in mid-2010. After years of building up a following, they are known for their strong, dynamic live shows and sharing the stage with esteemed groups such as So So Modern, Heart Attack Alley, Assassins 88 (Aus) and Dictaphone Blues.
  • After playing such in-demand club nights as Cassette #9’s MUM Club, 1885’s The Nark Collective and Tabac Bar’s REKKIT, the group took a break from performing in early 2012 to work on their debut release ‘YEP’. Recorded and mastered by Karl Stevens (Drab Doo Riffs, Supergroove) ‘YEP’ is due out as soon as humanly possible through Lever Street Records.

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