Weird Together

Weird Together

Weird Together

Style:  World / Aotearoa
Members:  Nick Dwyer, Dick Johnson
From:  Auckland, Aotearoa

Twitter:  @NickDwyer  |  @MagikJ






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  • Weird Together is Nick D & Dick Johnson and a whole load of friends from a whole load of nations. They make music, they dance, they have fun…….
  • ‘Weird Together’ is the new studio and live project from Dick Johnson and Nick Dwyer, spurred on by Nick’s love of exotic musics and crazy sounds from all far corners of the globe, and Dick’s love of taking said sounds and moulding them and sculpting them into solid grooves that make people wanna dance lots.
  • After years of mainy late night / early morning “yeah, let’s make some music together, sounds like fun” – the boys finally did it, and after a particularly inspirational session with some old Ethiopian Jazz records ‘Weird Together’ was born.
  • A couple of years passed – Dick became a cycling champ, and in-between the ADD and off gallivanting round the globe Nick got a bit sidetracked but toward the end of the of 2011 a pact was made, and they decided to go at it proper with the aim of launching a full live show. Teaming up with a wide range of different musical folk who come from all over the world the boys have been busy in the Red Bull Studio’s recording Caribbean Steel Pan Orchestras, Burundian Drum Ensembles, Sudanese Vocalists and Ghanian Master Percussionists and that’s just the beginning.
  • Shit’s gonna get Weird.

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