Unsub x Alexis K



Style:  Drum & Bass, Dubstep & Heavy Bass
Real Name:  Lily Luck
From:  Waiuku, Auckland, Aotearoa

Twitter:  @LilyUnsub




Listen / Buy
SoundCloud (Alexis K):  http://soundcloud.com/alexisk
SoundCloud (Unsub): http://soundcloud.com/theunsub
BeatPort (Alexis K): http://www.beatport.com/artist/alexis-k/133263
BeatPort (Unsub):  http://www.beatport.com/artist/unsub/160446

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ilovelilyunsub
Facebook (Unsub):  https://www.facebook.com/Unsub.Evidence
MySpace:  http://www.myspace.com/kidsader

YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/stickpuppet


  • Influenced by everything from Massive Attack, Jack White, Led Zep and Jimmy Page through to Burial, Peaches, Soundgarden and Doc Scott. Lily has been focused on carving her own unique sound into the bass music soundscape for the better part of 5 years with more then 50 releases (totalling more then 140 tracks) and tours around NZ and Australia.
  • After undergoing 27 hours of major surgery in March 2011 which left her deaf for 3 months, Lily managed to still keep her prolific production and release rate going without skipping a beat. After taking 6 months off from touring to recover.
  • After spending 6 years creating music under different aliases across multiple genres; Alexis K, Unsub, Kidsader, Reiko Che, Josie Gets Naked, Slightly, Sub Affair, Akuce and the band Madison; Lily has decided to combine all her work under one name “Unsub”.
  • Lily is set to release not only her debut album this year, but 4 seperate albums, alongside 6 EPs, a myriad of remixes and atleast 5 singles, in styles ranging from dubstep, drumstep and dnb to moombahcore, dubhop, future garage and even indie rock.
  • Lily also recently colaborated on The Love Theme : How Rude LP on the tracks “Angel” and “Hen and Remi” (both of which saw extensive BBC1Xtra and R1 airplay).
  • As well as DJing and Production. Lily has written 3 short films (2 produced, 1 in production). Worked on several short films (sound editor, composer) and 2 feature films (composer, sound editor). Her first short film as composer and sound editor has also just been selected for Cannes and Cyprus International Film Festivals. Lily is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and session musician. She also co-founded and has run “The Real Big Groove” with Nieta Moore (Spinsta) since early 2005 with a focus on developing up and comers with a pay-it-forward style of management and guidance.
  • Lily’s music has received consistant airplay from radio stations around the world including BBC, Triple J and Ibiza Radio. She was a featured artist of the week on BBC Asian Network and had 2 top 50 ARIA Dance Charting releases in 2011/12 with the tracks “Heartstrings” and a remix of Spenda C’s “Getting Dumb”. Lily’s releases have consistently charted top 50 on both juno and beatport and she gained her first beatport No.1 (for 6 weeks running) with her remix of Ill-esha’s “Only Fair” in 2011. Lily has had her music used on MTV’s “American Dance Legends – Season One”, NZ Body Art Awards 2011 and Gen Bass “Transnational Dubstep” Compilation which received wide acclaim. Her music has been supported by artists as diverse as Laurent Garnier, Andy Smith (Portishead), Hank Shocklee (Public Enemy) and Kid Kenobi through to Bassnectar, Dominic Owen, N-Type and Bobby Friction.

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