Timmy P MC

Timmy P MC

Timmy P MC

Style: MC
Real Name:  Timmy Porter
From:  Wellington, New Zealand






Listen/ Buy
BandCamp:  http://oliebassweight.bandcamp.com/album/tides-have-turned

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/TimmyPmc

YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45FsLWYUZ_0


  • Timmy P MC is an MC and vocalist with a versatility and musicality that sets him apart from the pack.
  • Equally at home settling sweet soulful harmonies into the …groove over roots reggae, dub and hip hop or hyping the crowd and spitting bars over upfront drum and bass and dubstep, Timmy P has been a constant presence hosting and toasting, singing and flowing at bass music events throughout Wellington for the last few years as well as touring New Zealand and performing at new years festivals PHAT11 and LA DE DA.
  • An educator by day, and by night with mic in hand, Timmy P’s lyrical focus is firmly on conscious vibes and positivity. Timmy P is a part of the group Soulware (Optimus Gryme Recordings) and has also had his début EP with Olie Bassweight signed to CADE’s label Convoyunltd (same label as Dub FX).
  • Timmy P has MCd for some of the best local DJ’s including The Upbeats, Concord Dawn, Truth, Agent Alvin, Olie Bassweight, Organikismness, P Vans, Dirty Needlez, DJ Reno, K-Lab, Gomorrah, Fredrick Crew, D-Dog, Tui Sound system and many more, and has got the vibe running for internationals including Dub FX, Scuba, Datsik, Ill Gates, Boregore, Bar9, The Others, Phaeleh, Mutated Forms, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Jade & Mindscape, Distance and Triage.Timmy P has also opened for Katchafire, Knights of the Dub Table and Cornerstone Roots.
  • Always friendly, never fronting, Timmy P brings a presence and energy which never fails to raise up the dance!  Watch out Aotearoa Timmy P’s soulsteez is not to be missed!!!

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