Steezie Wonder

Steezie Wonder

Steezie Wonder

Style:  Full Spectrum Bass
Real Name:  Flex Webster
From:  Christchurch, Wellington & Auckland, Aotearoa

Twitter:  @Flex_Webster





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  • Muso, DJ, producer and promoter; welcome to the world of Flex Webster aka Steezie Wonder. A full spectrum music lover with 15+ years in the game, whatever style you can guarantee that Flex has had a hand in it on a local or world scale.
  • Flex’s production output includes 3 Beat for F*k The Format, Dubstep for the ‘Aotearoa Dubstep All-stars’ comp, Future Bass release (1/1/2013) on Top Drawer Digital (UK), Footwork releases forthcoming & official remixes for Reality Chant, Stonerange, Yebisu, NSPC, Jah Red Lion and King Kapisi (ill.Gates colab).
  • On a DJ tip Flex is Red Bull Music Academy alumni (2005), Rumble In The Jungle (NZ DJ Battle) 2005 Champ, Dubclash (NZ DJ Battle) 2011 Champ & Red Bull Thre3style 2012 contestant. Flex is a veteran of the NZ Festival Circuit having played twice respectively at The Gathering, Alpine Unity, Phat, Rhythm & Vines and the infamous The Full Moon Party (Thailand).
  • Musician, DJ, producer, graffiti artist, b-boy, graphic designer and event promoter; welcome to the world of Flex Webster. A full spectrum music lover with fifteen years in the game, whatever the style you can guarantee that Flex has had a hand in it either on a local or international scale.
  • A child of the nineties, Flex was captivated early on by Hip Hop culture, DJing, graffiti art and break-dance. He spent his teenage years running with a collective called UAC (Urban Artists Clique) and organizing cross discipline street-culture events. While attending Linwood High School with contemporaries LADI6, SCRIBE and 4HIGHER, Flex played bass with 1998 Rockquest finalist The Phat Cats, which found him performing alongside drummer Redford Grenell who would go on to become a key member of SHAPESHIFTER.
  • Looking to broaden his horizons, Flex relocated to Wellington city where he would go on to form REDLINE with Caron Stace. The duo organized successful events such as RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE (New Zealand Drum & Bass DJ competition), BLACK FRIDAY and RELOAD 2 featuring Spikey Tee (UK). During this period he found himself DJing in different cities around New Zealand and Australia on a regular basis. He also opened a Record, Clothing & Graffiti store called SUBCULTURE on Cuba Street.
  • Concurrently Flex was getting his head around electronic music production. Relocating to Japan for 18 months in 2003, Flex put his head down in the studio and kept busy on the promotions tip running a series of successful events under THE BLEND moniker. During this period he took several trips to Thailand, which resulted in production work with Thai Hip Hop group DUJADA (Sony Records). ‘Skate’ the single Flex produced later aired on MTV Thailand.
  • Returning to New Zealand in 2005, Flex produced backing tracks for Auckland based Rap & Roll duo Coco Solid that would later appear on the Denim & Leisure LP. Going from strength to strength after winning RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE he was later accepted to attend the RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY in Seattle. After the academy Flex played a series of DJ shows in America and Canada.
  • Since then Flex has spent various stints living and DJing abroad, most recently Washington DC (USA). From DC he bounced between New York and Baltimore where he soaked up the street culture. In 2008 he graduated from SAE in Auckland with a diploma in Audio engineering. Over this time he knuckled down in the studio working on new music including remixes for CHARLIE ASH, MORONSAYSWHAT?! & New Zealands premier grime vocalist RUGGED TEKNIQUES.
  • As a DJ, Flex has performed in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, America, Thailand, Austria and Japan. He has supported the likes of DJ ZINC, MALA (DMZ), LTJ BUKEM, EVIL NINE, SLAP & DASH, SHAPESHIFTER and THE UPBEATS to name a few. Over the years he has also maintained various residencies at clubs around the country including SAN FRANCISCO BATH HOUSE, FU BAR & RUBY. Flex also boasts over 10 years on the festival circuit having performed at twice respectively at THE GATHERING, ALPINE UNITY, PHAT and RHYTHM & VINES.
  • Currently working under his Steezie Wonder guise Flex’s latest production output includes: 3 Beat for F*K THE FORMAT, 140 BPM material featured on the ‘AOTEAROA DUBSTEP ALL-STARS’ compilation (Optimus Gryme Records), Future Bass sounds ranging from Funky to Footwork and official remix duties for REALITY CHANT, STONERANGE, YEBISU, NSPC and KING KAPISI.
  • On a DJ tip Flex recently took first place at ‘DUBCLASH’ the New Zealand Dubstep DJ battle.

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