Style:  DJ, Beats & Hip Hop
Real Name:  Haden Gilgen
From:  Wellington, Aotearoa
Website:  http://spellspellspell.com

Twitter:  @spellspellspell






Listen / Buy
SoundCloud:  http://soundcloud.com/spellspellspell
BandCamp:  http://spellspellspell.bandcamp.com

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/spellspellspell

YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/spell316


  • From a young age, Haden Gilgen, aka DJ Spell was heavily influenced by the lifestyle of Hip Hop culture.  Not only has he become a world-class DJ/Turntablist, he is a B-boy, Graffiti Artist and Beat Maker- it’s safe to say that he is Hip Hop.
  • Drawing musical influences from Classical to Funk, the 25 year old New Zealander works hard to deliver top notch mix & beat tapes and DJ sets.  Since completing his studies at ‘DJ School’ in Wellington, NZ in 2007, Spell has been well placed in competitions such as the NZ DMC Champs (2008, 3rd place), 4Tek Scratch (2010, 1st Place) and NZ Red Bull Thre3style competition (2011, 1st Place), which saw him represent his country in Canada competing against many first-rate DJ’s from around the globe.  2011 was also the year Spell was honoured to become a member of International HipHop awareness group, Universal Zulu Nation.
  • Together with these achievements, not only is he the number 1 ‘go-to’ guy for all of New Zealand’s major Bboy events, Spell has shared the stage with many International artists such as KRS-1, Immortal Technique, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, The Pharcyde, MF Doom, Mos Def and Atmosphere plus played numerous Hip Hop and Music events in NZ and Australia.
  • Whether it’s straight up turntablism or rocking a party, Spell accomplishes to entertain, astound and inspire a crowd with his raw talent.  Take a look and virtually experience the man for himself: http://youtu.be/ByRUSfW0qMw

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