Style:  Bass Music
Members:  Tom, Nick, Dee, Jono, Harry, Saelyn, Timmy
From:  Invercargill to Wellington
Label:  Optimus Gryme Recordings / Organik _ Audio / Bassweight Recordings





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  • SOULWARE, The Dub music collective from New Zealands Deep South take a very unique approach to today’s “Bass Music” offering a refreshing breath of life to a world of disposable beats 
  • The SOULWARE live shows and upcoming album, combine elements of dubstep, drum and bass, dub electonica, trip hop, blues and rock that will submerge the listener into a depth of sonic sound scape and rhythm that will move your body and soul
  • Soulwares first release came in May 2010 with a breath taking remix of Organikismness’s “My Resting” featuring Ras Judah
  • This is where it all began.  What first started as a side/solo project (by Organikismness) soon evolved into a collaborative motion involving people from Bluff (NZ) to Manchester (UK)
  • “Vertigo” and “Te Ao Marama” were the first 2 tracks recorded that really captured the essence of Soulwares now familiar 5 piece arrangement of
  1. Vocals and Native instruments – Jono Leask (Jbnaste/Rhythmonyx)
  2. Trumpet and Percussion – Nick Garraway (Rhythmonyx)
  3. Clarinet, FX, Percussion – Donelle Paige (Dee)
  4. Keys, Acoustic bass, Soundbwoy – Thomas Mcgrath (Tsubliminal)
  5. DJ and Production, MPD sampler, Kaos, Flute, Melodica, Keys, – Harry Bretherton (Organikismness)
  • This is what you will hear as the Soulware line up for the Return to the Source shows or otherwise, SOULWARE “live”
  • Still though every show and track is unique in its own way, you willl also find collaborations with Dubfx, Optimus Gryme, Billy Fluid, Timmy P, Saelyn Guyton, Isaac Chambers and many others
  • Soon following was “Images” was released in late 2010 on Optimus Grymes legendary Aotearoa Dubstep Allstars compilation and received massive DJ support from the likes of Optimus Gryme, Organikismness, Mary Ann Hobbs (BBC), Truth, Dov, Scuba, Vishnu, Ylem and many others.  Soulware have since played thought out NZ and Australia and enjoyed an incredibly receptive summer festival circuit in NZ .
  • In little over a year since their inception, SOULWARE are very proud to present the LP: RETURN TO THE SOURCE as well as the familiar 5 piece arrangement RETURN TO THE SOURCE features a host of others.  This album is a timeless collection of the bands evolution, featuring some studio work as well as some live recordings
  • The Soulware sound has been quoted as “some of the most visionary work of our time” but you can be the judge of that for real music speaks a thousand words when this music hits you, you wont feel pain.  You’ll just want more

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