Simple Human

Simple Human

Simple Human

Style:  Future Beats
Members:  M:Tron + Boomio
From:  Auckland, Aotearoa; London, England

Twitter:  @mtronbomb






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  • Boomio Sound & M:Tron Bomb met in 2009 at the Auckland club Cassette Nine where the two naturally bonded given their complimentary music tastes.  They embarked on a DJ colab as Diamond Cutters, which eventually morphed into the Diamond Cutters Club night & label. 
  • A slot at Splore Festival on the last day of the event – playing on a stage they had helped to design and build was a highlight for the Diamond Cutters. Wellington and Queenstown gigs and radio fill ins on George FM further cemented the need to work as a duo but both time constraints and external pressure meant less time to create exciting and fresh new sets.  MTron & Boomio’s interest in club DJing was beginning to wane toward the end of 2012. 
  • M:Tron felt that she had more to offer creatively, and Boomio was keen to take a more committed approach to production.  They set up a minimal home studio for recording drums back in MTron’s home town & this is where the idea of Simple Human began.  The idea that one day they might be able to fully focus their energy into making music became the impetus needed to start seeing the concept through.
  • In January 2013 the two left New Zealand and moved to London, via a 4 month decompression in South East Asia.  Boomio & MTron used the 4 months to focus on producing music and created the 4 track EP ‘From Pak Chong With Love’ which was recorded in various stages in numerous locations, as Simple Human.

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