Olie Bassweight

Olie Bassweight

Olie Bassweight

Style:  Bass Music
Real Name:
From:  Wellington/Nelson
Website:  www.bassweightrecordings.com

Twitter:  @Oliebassweight




Listen / Buy
SoundCloud:  http://soundcloud.com/evilnz
BeatPort:  http://www.beatport.com/artist/olie-bassweight/126370
Last.Fm:  http://www.last.fm/music/Olie+Bassweight

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/Oliebassweight
MySpace:  http://www.facebook.com/Oliebassweight
e-mail (bookings):  misobookings@gmail.com – Marie Marconnet (Manager)


  • OLIE BASSWEIGHT continues to tirelessly forward the dubstep sound in New Zealand and around the world as a producer, DJ and label boss – living and breathing bass music for the best part of a decade
  • Heavily involved in dubstep since the birth of the NZ scene in 2006 (after several years DJing drum and bass).
  • An experienced DJ, known for his tight mixing and flowing sets, OLIE BASSWEIGHT is also a prolific creator of electronic music (a passion sparked in his childhood following a chance encounter with techno, and fueled with the purchase of his first drum machine at the age of 14).
  • As a producer, OLIE BASSWEIGHT’s music comes from the heart and conjures images of the Aotearoan landscape – a geomusicalogical symbiosis forged through attending and playing at many outdoor festivals located throughout the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. While happily at home tearing down venues throughout New Zealand and Australia, it is in an outdoor setting that OLIE BASSWEIGHT’s music and djing really coalesce and take on a new vibrancy. A deep connection through bass into the earth itself, unfettered by the walls and man-made structures of Babylon
  • OLIE BASSWEIGHT has released his own productions on a number of respected labels including: Section 8, Rottun, Convoy Ultd, Eight:fx, Gamma Audio, Betamorph, Empathy, Optimus Gryme, Monkey Dub and of course his own imprint – Bassweight Recordings
  • Bassweight Recordings was the first dubstep label in the South Pacific region, spearheaded by Olie in an effort to provide an outlet for the talent rapidly springing forth on on the rising wave of dubstep. Since its inception in 2006, Bassweight Recordings has gone from strength to strength. Now 27 releases deep, the roster boasts many well established and up-and-coming artists from New Zealand and abroad. P Vans, Detail, Organikismness, Helixr and Perverse are just a few of the names to grace the Bassweight Recordings discography

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