Mike T

Mike T

Mike T

Style:  Full Spectrum
Real Name:  Mike
From:  Christchurch, Aotearoa







Listen / Buy
SoundCloud:  https://soundcloud.com/miket
MixCloud:  http://www.mixcloud.com/mike_t
BeatPort:  http://dj.beatport.com/djmiketnz

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/DjMikeTNZ

WordPress:  http://djmiketnz.wordpress.com


  • DJ Mike T is a Christchurch DJ, Host of RDU98.5FM’s Rhythm Zone Radio Show and founder of the hard working Chch House Collective.
  • In 2001 Mike started things off at the amazing Heaven Nightclub in Christchurch and from there played regularly at other clubs as well, such as Di Lusso, Mansion, Eye Spy and Da Box and festivals such as Unity, Massive and Alpine Unity.
  • After living in Melbourne for a few years, it was back in Christchurch at The Concrete Club & Ishimoto in 2008 that Mike achieved notoriety for his multi genre sets and an approach to DJing that was both versatile and unique. Almost five years later, Mike has played at almost every Christchurch club, holding long term residencies at a range of sought-after institutions such as Cartel, Goodbye Blue Monday, Concrete Club, Ishimoto and the renowned Base Nightclub.
  • Since the September and February earthquakes that hit Christchurch so hard recently, Mike plays weekly at a number of clubs and bars around Christchurch such as Winnies, Revival, Dux Live!, The Brewery, CBD and The Monday Room, as well as playing at festivals such as Massive, UCSA Summer Stein, CPIT Orientation, Luminate, Canaan Downs Festival & Rhythm & Alps.
  • Mike’s biggest influences came during a four year stay in Melbourne from 2003-2007, where he played regularly at Veludo and the infamous Bimbo Deluxe and also being able to enjoy the many clubs and bars and local DJ’s such as Mike Callander, Boogs, Luke McD, Agent 86, Sunshine, Spacey Space and Phil K, as well as every international you can think of, on a weekly basis.
  • Acts/DJ’s supported include Tim Richards, Dick Johnston, Greg Churchill, Tahuna Breaks, Computers Want Me Dead, Six60, Justin Sane, Callam, Mike Callander, Agent 86, Fil Alexander, Yuhei Kubo, The Thomas Oliver Band, Batacuda Sound Machine, Aragorn, Toby Nice, Tigerfunk, Seth Hamilton, Nacoa, Mo Ichi, King Al, Dj Lucas, Phillipa, James Monro (Flying Rhino), L Que, Gooba, MC Shureshock, Float (futurebeat), Philter, Katalyst, JStar, Natalie Slade & more..

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