Louie Knuxx

Louie Knuxx

Louie Knuxx

Style:  Hip Hop Emcee
Real Name:
From:  New Plymouth, Aotearoa; Melbourne, Australia

Twitter:  @louieknuxxDTD







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SoundCloud:  http://soundcloud.com/louie-knuxx
BandCamp:  http://louieknuxx.bandcamp.com

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/LOUIE-KNUXX/130103447007315

YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/louieknuxx

Tumblr:  http://louieknuxxdtd.tumblr.com


  • Hip Hop artist hailing from New Plymouth, NZ now residing in Melbourne, Australia.  Solo artist and member of the groups Grips & Tonic and Cancer.
  • “I’m one drink from jail” this line from Auckland emcee Louie Knuxx perfectly sums up the dichotomy of an artist whose music and life balances precariously between ignorance and introspection.
  • Hailing from Aotearoa’s dirt city Louie Knuxx is one of the true journeymen of the local hip hop scene.  After first appearing on the Dubious Brothers album Trade Secrets he’s slowly built a fan base around his unique delivery and hopeful tales of hardship.  In a culture filled with fantasies of thugs and cartoon violence, Louie stands out as a man that has lived the life and refuses to water it down for pop consumption or to glorify the gutter.
  • In 2003 jail time and ambition convinced the up and coming rapper that he needed a change of scenery and he made the pilgrimage to Auckland City.  After threatening to pitch a tent on Breakin’ Wreckwordz founder Cyphanetiks lawn until he signed him, Louie became a member of the BWW roster.  Breakin’ Wreck crew Insomniacs revolving door policy opened up a spot for Louie Knuxx to become part of the group, and led to the tracks Bang Your Head, Super Heroes and the politically correct nightmare Dreams of Fucking a Retarded Bitch.
  • Around 2005 Insomniacs was put on hiatus as the various members pursued solo projects.  Louie found him self holed up in the Auckland suburb of Beachlands with producer Exile, a portable recording studio, a head full of songs and a lot of liquor.  He emerged two months later with an album that not only featured many of New Zealand’s top hip hop artists, but one that managed to capture a down-and-out life style that is unique to this country.  From weekend tales of excess on the heavily rotated single Fly to the soulful cries of redemption on Melancholy, Knuxx gave the listener an uncensored view of his life to date.  Not being the type to mince words he titled the album Wasted Youth and set about promoting it with two New Zealand tours.  The first with label mate Cyphanetik, Smash Proof, Tha Feelstyle, Juse and Ethical, the other with Frontline whom, along with the Breakin’ Wreck roster, appeared on Wasted Youth.
  • In early 2008 Knuxx packed his bags once again and headed to Melbourne.  After a time of settling in he has formed strong alliances and friendships with notable personalities in the Australian music scene.  These friendships inspired his latest offering in EP format ‘drinkin’ druggin’ fightin’ fukkin’ which featured JJ Peters of Deez Nuts and I Killed The Prom Queen fame, Kid Shelleen and female soloist Sarah Brown.  Louie took a limited run of the Ep on his support slot on the Deez Nuts ‘Stay True’ tour and slung them faster than he could press them.  With his profile in Australia increasing alarmingly he’s set out to keep the music and his un-missable live show freight training along with a project with JJ Peters set to drop soon, the completion of his next full length ‘Funeral for Two’ and the Cancer (consisting of Knuxx and Jay Roacher) full length are dropping sooner than soon also.

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