Kong Fooey



Style:  Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Dance Hall, Heavy Bass & Solid Grooves
Real Name:  Jason Peters
From:  Christchurch, Aotearoa
Website:  http://www.kongfooey.com







Listen / Buy
SoundCloud:  c/- Loop Recordings http://soundcloud.com/loopcrew
BandCamp:  http://loopcrew.bandcamp.com/album/1968

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/kongfooeymusic



  • Predominately hip hop inspired but not afraid to infuse old school funk, soul, dance hall, heavy bass and solid grooves, Kong Fooey is a unique sound with hard hitting positive vibes, big hooks and solid beats.
  • Kong Fooey is the alter ego of mild mannered drummer/producer Jason Peters who having drummed for various rock bands over the years – most notably for 90’s heavy hitters Pumpkinhead – uses his knowledge of beats and percussion to provide the back bone of what is the groove-heavy Kong Fooey sound. Peters decided to relocate to Auckland in October 2011.
  • Looking for a new start after the chaos of the Christchurch earthquakes and working in a new direction musically he signed with Loop. Having crossed paths with Maitreya back in the ’90s music scene, a chance meeting at Auckland’s Ponsonby Food court led to Peters asking Maitreya to check out his new work, Maitreya dug the vibe and was happy to collaborate. “We have written around five tracks together and there is a mutual respect for each other’s abilities and work ethic. I really want to produce music that not only grooves hard but has a positive and conscious message in the lyrics too, something Maitreya and Topaz both do very well,” says Peters. Topaz (Jason’s cousin also hailing from Christchurch) provides the yin to Kong Fooeys yang, a talented upcoming female MC who contributes positive and thought provoking vocals over Fooey’s hyped up beats.

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