Style:  Psychedelic Minimal Techno, Progressive Trance, Dub & Dubstep
Real Name:  Oscar Allison
From:  Earth, New Zealand





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  • Has released records on:  Zenon Records, Enig’matik Records, Cosmic Conspiracy Records, A-List Records, Up Records, Solar Records, Bassweight Recordings, Diskonecta Records, Funtazula, Occulta, Soundcraft Records, Native Harmonics Records, Estuary Records, Arkona Creations
  • Creates music igniting elevated states of ecstatic dance
  • Having a soul rooted connection to his homeland of Aotearoa, New Zealand, inspiration from travel, and natural ninja skills in percussion, Grouch shares a unique voice with technically minded and sounded productions
  • Creating a hybrid of psygressive, dub, and techno since 1999, Grouch’s evolution of sound was debuted on his album “The Moof is Rooving” (A-List Records in 2006)
  • Oscar continued to push the limits of progressive psychedelia, giving him track releases and artist signings to labels such as Zenon Records, Cosmic Conspiracy Records, Up Records and Enigmatik records to name a few
  • Since May 2011 Grouch has been on tour non stop headlining some of the best festivals around the world Universo Parelello – Brazil, Burning Man – USA, Boom Festival – Portugal, Rainbow Serpent – Australia, Luminate – NZ, Tree of Life – Turkey, Freqs of Nature, Doof Festival – Israel, Indigo Festival – Israel to name a few
  • The Grouch experience is an intricately profound and cheeky amalgamation of minimal phat stomping baselines that transform the dance floor to higher levels of groove

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