Funk Village

Funk Village

Funk Village

Style:  Hip Hop
Members:  KORTAZ and HITZ
From:  Hamilton, Aotearoa









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  • Funk Village is a HipHop group from Hamilton, Aotearoa consisting of KORTAZ (Matty Clark) and HITZ (Hira Williams) with Beats and Production duties taken care of by Hitz.
  • Hitz and Kortaz crossed paths countless times as kids growing up in the same hood (Nawton) but never took notice of each other till 2002 where they met at a youth gathering and found they had something in common, a passion for Spit’n Raps and HipHop…
  • Starting as Hitz and Kortaz the two took on any gigs they could find to better their craft as MC’s to later forming the Rap duo Funk Village.
    The Pair entered Numerous Comps during their early days, Hitz as a Beatboxer and Kortaz as a freestyle MC to start a name for themselves.
    both went on to win first place and became regional champs in their crafts which later led to a great job opportunity with Radio Tainui as Radio Hosts, Hosting weekdays “Drive time” and every Saturday night “The GetUp show” which opened another opportunity for them to air their music and get radio play.
  • Family commitments slowed the duo down in the last few years but haven’t stopped them and wont as they have only started.
  • Teaming with local artists DJ Impact, Koma, SMV, James Brooks, Frankton Zoo, JUSE1, N.I and Ronnie P they join a new and solid Movement ‘The Villains’.
    Making Appearances on The New Video “Noize Control” by the Villains plus both Mixtapes “City Of Villains” and the latest release “C.O.V II – Tha Rapscallion Resurrection” Funk Village is now becoming a well known name.
  • Make sure to keep your Ear to the Streets as Funk Village are in the Works on their Debut Album yet to be titled, due to drop later this year.
    Also more Tracks, Mixtapes and videos are on the way!
    so keep Connected…

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