Style:  Drum & Bass
Real Name:  Dave Wood
From:  Auckland, New Zealand

Twitter:  @eavesdropnz






Listen / Buy
SoundCloud:  http://soundcloud.com/eavesdropnz
BeatPort:  http://www.beatport.com/artist/eavesdrop/182493  

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/eavesdropnz
e-mail:  eavesdropnz@gmail.com

YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/eavesdropnz


  • “My aim is to produce something special with soul that evokes emotion for my listeners, and fans.” – Eavesdrop
  • Dave ‘Eavesdrop’ Wood is more than just a Drum & Bass DJ. Music is his life. Since 2001 he has dedicated every spare moment to learn the art of producing music, perfecting his craft and building his studio to devise his matchless sound.
  • After a string of singles, remixes and two EP releases Eavesdrop is unstoppable. Fueled by passion and dedication to his musical pursuit his debut album is underway. Due for release early 2013 on LOOP recordings, it will include accompanying videos for the first two singles to be released late 2012.
  • Eavesdrop busted onto the scene as a dominant, young DJ in the early 2000’s winning the first Rumble in the Jungle competition and performed the midnight set Gathering NYE 00/01 under the alias Filthy Forum (Dj Subtrak & MC Unknown). But, it wasn’t until nearly 10 years later, where his dedicated time in the studio started to cause sparks.
  • The Air On Fire EP (March 2011), saw Eavesdrop team up with good friend and vocalist Soulyric (formally Willie C) whose haunting vocal innocence amplified and intensified Air On Fire, and Solitary Confinement. Soulyric himself, a talented multi-instrumentalist, performer and DJ took to the project like mentos in coke-cola, exploding the live show to another level. A formidable live duo was born.
  • A fluke meeting introduced Eavesdrop to singer/songwriter Keshia, while she was singings vocal hooks on a friends recording project at his Studio. The penny dropped when her silvery, smooth vocal suspend graciously in the room like a mist on a dewy morning. He handed over Backlight instantly and requested a collaboration on the soon to be title track, and up and coming EP. Although she had never considered working with dance music, she accepted willingly and returned a week later delivering a complete vocal veneer.
  • Keshia’s vocal role resonates seamlessly within the Eavesdrop sound. She also features on Really Love, Backlight EP (March 2012), and will deliver her rich honeyed vocal on the first single Clearwater from his debut album.
  • Look out for other collaborations on Eavesdrop’s debut with artists Tali, JDubs and the enchanting violin of Yoomia.
  • ‘Working alongside Eavesdrop in the studio was a great experience. His dedicated years in the Drum & Bass scene, and his attention to detail meant our recording session was professional, expeditious and most of all, a lot of fun. One of New Zealand’s most proficient producers in this genre’ – MC Tali


  • Backlight E.P, Liquid Brilliants Recordings, March 2012
  • Where You At, JB & MicSmith (Eavesdrop Remix) November 2011
  • Somebody I used to Know, Gotye (Eavesdrop Remix) YouTube hits (5,700,000 views) September 2011
  • Air On Fire E.P, Empathy Recordings March 2011
  • Woman, Coast (Eavesdrop Remix) LoopSelect009 Compilation April 2011
  • Matter Of Time, (Feat. Imagine This MC), Empathy recordings Dec 2010

“Drum & Bass has shaped me as a person, now I’m giving back by shaping Drum & Bass for others. I want my music to be for music lovers, not just those who like Drum & Bass” – Eavesdrop


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