Dub Terminator

Dub Terminator

Dub Terminator

Style:  Future Dub, Roots Flavoured Dubstep & Future Style Reggae
Real Name:
 Chris McLay
 Auckland, New Zealand
Label:  Soul Island

Twitter:  @madsickill





Listen / Buy
SoundCloud:  http://soundcloud.com/madsickill

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/Dubterminatormusic
MySpace:  http://www.myspace.com/madsickill

YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/madsickill


  • New Zealand based producer Dub Terminator has had a life- long passion for composing and producing music. Learning Guitar, Bass & Synthesizers when he was a kid equipped the Terminator with sufficient skillz to set out and conquer the next dimension of sound yet to be discovered.
  • Works from an ocean view studio in Devonport.
  • 15 years into the future he is becoming widely known for his unique blend of Roots flavour Dubstep & future style reggae. Producing and remixing tracks for Jamaican MC’s from abroad over the past two years has brought big names into his tunes like Ras Stone, Gappy Ranks & Rodney P , as well as his army of newly recruited Rasta vibe MC’s from all around the globe.
  • Dub Terminator released his first official album in 2010 collaborating with Spanish super selector/producer High Freequency who took on the role of shopping DT’s Aotearoa future reggae beats out to Jamaican vocalists around the globe for their newly established digi-label, Soul Island. Dub Terminator and High Freequency released their first album, Soul Island Vol.1, as a digital promo release for radio and DJ’s in mid-2010. After a huge amount of downloads and interest the boys hooked up the full NZ in-store release for the album.
  • The Dub Terminator vibes spread even further again with the tune Big up Riddim being picked up for the NZ dub compilation Dub Zealand released in Feb 2011. Big up Riddim wound up at no.1 on the Beatport reggae & dub charts for 2 weeks and stayed in the top 20 for over 3 months.
  • Dub Terminator released his second album. Babylon Annihilation through London based record company Green Queen music. The album was released in late 2011 followed by two Dub Terminator remix EP’s. Bad mind Ft Ras Stone the stand out tune had remixes from Jstar & Doctor Cat hitting the Dub & Reggae charts for a number of weeks.
  • Dub Terminator is constantly mashing up the tunes in the studio as well as on stage with his Dub Station and his tour MC & collaborator Ras Stone bringing the fire to every show. Dub Terminator brings a live Future Dub style Dubstep set to the dance floor with some of the most heavy bass in the land.

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