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06-September-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist

8 Sep

06-September-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist


Kamo Collective – Day Off
Grouch & Tom Cosm – Switch Arms (Grouch‘s Version)
Ta-ku – We Were In Love (I Hate You)
MaddMusik – Trap Me Higher
Race Banyon – Only Sixteen
Jason Eli – Music Is Life feat. Kevin Mark Trail (Original Mix)
Team Dynamite – Very On feat. Lui Silk
Billy Fluid – Frozen Trees (This Way Freestyle)
SuperVillains RMC – Rapshit
ResinOne – Hummin’
Seventh Wonder – My Favourite Dream (n e s t a | i s r a e l Remix)
AmaraFleur – Drop (Prod. By GASP & Jay Knight)
S.F.T – Manenuff
The Chemical Brothers – Get Yourself High (Joe Revell Remix)
Raiza Biza – Fireplace feat. Bailey Wiley (Prod. Jordo Hornblow)
Getafix – Re-Punanny
Soulflex – Stackman feat. Risky MC
Zitan – Stonewall

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Indiginous Dubs Replay (Hour 1)
Friday 2-3pm (NZST – GMT +12/13)
107.3 FM (Auckland; Aotearoa / NZ) | Freeview: 71 (NZ) | | | | twitter: @digidubs

Hour 1: Indiginous Dubs (NZ On Air)

– Real Kiwi Music

It’s IMO this program is the best of Kiwi Music, August 2013. Most styles get a spin in however this programme is by no means exhaustive of the well dope talent from August. Extended addition to try fit as much in as possible! Talent Maximum.

If you’ve got tuneage for the programme goto >; @digidubs or

All tracks from Aotearoa (New Zealand) – Thank you for supporting the artists & the programme 😉