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16-August-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist

25 Aug

16-August-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist


Jason Eli – Music Is Life feat. Kevin Mark Trail (Original Mix)
Munashe – The Road Ahead feat. Note Page
ResinOne – Hummin’
Mixt Frequencies – Kids On The Radio
SuperVillains RMC – Durham Lane
Kupa x Dupe – HWGA
Huch – Hold It Down
JP NZ – Sky High
Soulflex – Stackman feat. Risky MC
Soulflex – Level Up
De Fear & Judderman – Out Of Control feat. Risky
Getafix – All Of Da Massives (B.I.G. V.I.P. MIX)
Mather Be – matherBee
Ladi6 – Slow Ride (Prod. Jeedo)
SuperVillains RMC – Festive Seasoning

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Indiginous Dubs Replay (Hour 1)
Friday 2-3pm (NZST – GMT +12/13)
107.3 FM (Auckland; Aotearoa / NZ) | Freeview: 71 (NZ) | | | | twitter: @digidubs

Hour 1: Indiginous Dubs (NZ On Air)

– Real Kiwi Music

This programme makes me happy. Top notch hip hop parked up alongside some heavy dnb goodness. Best enjoyed rather loud with a sub. Yes, turn it up, I’m real happy with this programme.

If you’ve got tuneage for the programme goto >; @digidubs or

All tracks from Aotearoa (New Zealand) – Thank you for supporting the artists & the programme 😉