Style:  Electronic
Real Name:  Cameron McLaren
From:  Toronto, Canada / Auckland, Aotearoa

Twitter:  @CamConsequence



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  • A truly innovative artist, Consequence has now released 3 full-length albums on Exit Records that stand firmly as groundbreaking bodies of work that have blown apart any boundaries previously thought the 170 BPM framework was held to. Since breaking through in 2009 with releases on Exit and Darkestral, he has worked with dBridge, Instra:mental, ASC and more recently Joe Seven (as ‘They Live’), further developing his own unique take on bass-heavy electronica. His 2009 debut LP “Live for Never” set the standard high and balanced traditional drum & bass aesthetics with progressive production techniques to win plaudits from the wider electronic music scene
  • In 2011 this accomplished DJ/producer relocated to a new home in London, UK and presented his second long-player of 2011 – the “Test Dream” LP (Exit)
  • Cam McLaren aka Consequence was born in Toronto, Canada and moved to New Zealand early on in life where he found his love of music. Early childhood experiments with a variety of instruments led to his love of composition and melody. Utilizing these elements in his current productions has given great variety in his sound and methods. At the age of 17 he decided to leave NZ for London where he pursued a career in music and played in a band as lead guitarist, performing in a number of successful live shows which led to record deal for the band. During a number of recording sessions at the Olympic studios (world famous for recordings of Jimi Hendrix/Led Zeppelin) he developed an interest in audio engineering and decided to move back to NZ to study this profession. He became focused on Electronic production, specifically drum & bass. In this time he honed his skills and took influence from his previous musical experiences.
  • A chance meeting with dBridge on tour in New Zealand in 2008 led to a friendship and musical partnership that would see Consequence welcomed into the Exit Records / Autonomic musical family at it’s inception, and tracks like his own ‘Fog’ helped to design the very blueprint this sound was to build on. His debut album ‘Live For Never’ for Exit Records stands as a bookmark in time, when Drum and Bass welcomed sonic and stylistic experimentation that stretched the boundaries of the 170 BPM bluprint into entirely new dimensions.

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