DJ Alias

DJ Alias

DJ Alias

Style:  Mid-Tempo Bass, Glitch, Ghettofunk & Hip Hop
Real Name:  Josh Thorne
From:  Auckland/Queenstown, Aotearoa
Label:  Multiple

Twitter:  @DjAliasNZ



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  • Besides strong success as an ex-member of hip hop outfit Fast Crew, he’s made a name for himself as both a solo artist and founding member of the collective Regrooved NZ.
  • Obsessed with music as a child he learned the guitar quickly, but switched it for turntables at 14 – fuelled by a love of hip hop and a fascination for scratching. Within a couple of years, he was hooked on the “the idea of manipulating recorded sound with your hands” and started playing live.
  • Cutting his teeth, and perfecting his craft, with countless sets at Auckland’s iconic Fu bar to regular crowds of around 500, Alias managed to impress the right people at the right time. An up and coming collective, Fast Crew, invited him to join. With the group, Alias got a taste for excessive touring and recording, eventually releasing two platinum selling albums, Set the Record Straight and Truth, Lies and Red Tape. Thegroup had Top 10 chart success with the singles “I Got”, “It’s the Incredible” and “Suburbia Streets”, received strong radio airplay and gigged extensively in both New Zealand and Australia.
  • It was during these Fast Crew days that Alias got a taste for the big crowds and the mega-name internationals, supporting artists by the likes of Busta Rhymes, D12, Akon, Nelly, De La Soul and Snoop Dogg to upwards of 10,000 strong crowds. The group also toured with one of Australia’s biggest festivals Big Day Out, pulling crowds of more than 40,000.
  • Having developed a taste for success and big crowds Alias, not content to rest on his Fast Crew laurels, returned to his career as a solo artist with a vengeance.  Determined to continue the precedent he’d set for himself he continued spending excessive hours honing his skills in the studio. He has since dropped note-worthy tracks online such as his recent remix of Sola Rosa’s “Turn Around”, pulling more than 5500 plays in a month. Alias has also spent years playing regular shows around New Zealand to regular crowds of about 800, quickly developing an addiction to the atmosphere of a live setting.
  • “When you are really into what you do and are good at it, it shines through live,” he says. “When an audience recognizes that, it creates the premise for some pretty special moments to occur.”
  • Over the past few years DJ Alias has continued with the big name supports, playing alongside some of his personal favourite acts including Dead Prez, J-live, Atmosphere, Mix Master Mike and A-trak, Opiuo and a sold out Bassnectar show.
  • Having honed and perfected his own solo work, DJ Alias teamed up with fellow DJs Randomplay, Adam O and Funk Ferret to form Regrooved NZ, a collective working with Gettofunk Records to promote Regrooved club nights around New Zealand. The crew has also spent two years playing the same shows under the banner Regrooved Sound System, teaming up with Mikey Rockwell on the mic and playing to crowds of more than 1000 people.
  • Despite the various accolades and successes over the past decade, DJ Alias is still upping the ante with both his DJ and producing career. He has a Glitch Hop EP due to be released through JunkFood Records, and Boogie Boutique UK is set to release his remix of Funk Ferret’s “Pushing Forward”, both in April, 2012. Also dropping in April is his remix of “Need To Know” by K+Lab ft. Sacha V, through Junkfood Records, together with other remixes by internationally recognised producers such as Blunt Instrument, Audio Infunktion and Buck Rogers. Various other remixes are on the cards for the next few months including Sola Rosa, AMB and Hidden Riddim.

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