4ormul◭fourfour x BUMP x Billy Fluid x SEBA

4ormul◭fourfour x BUMP x billy fluid x SEBA

4ormul◭fourfour x BUMP x billy fluid x SEBA

Style:  Poetry, Hip Hop & Trip Step
Real Name:  Eric Hillman
From:  Waiheke Island, Auckland, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Twitter:  @boilupmafia






Listen / Buy

Optimus Gryme – Annihilation of the Ego EP (Bassweight Recordings)
Optimus Gryme – Eclipse LP (Optimus Gryme Recordings)
Soulware – Return to Source LP (Optimus Gryme Recordings)
Kolab – What Comes Next (Control)

The Unscene – The Unscene
Aotearoa Dubstep Allstars (Optimus Gryme Recordings)

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/4ormulafourfour

YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/edmtrap

BlogSpot:  http://4ormulafourfour.blogspot.co.nz


  • bill e-fluid (billy fluid) aka the core member of 4ormul◭fourfour/BUMP (Boil Up Mafia Posse) is as diverse as any artist south of the equator. From emceeing and beatboxing, producing music to also being a budding amateur director, he is a one man gang.
  • Growing up Maori and half English and surrounded by nature, without running water until the age of 16 he is a survivor. Beginning to ‘free style’ poetry on the streets of Waiheke since around 6 as a way to vent, he is also definatley an individual, with a well rounded opinion and outlook on life. Once introduced to his alter-native-world it is hard to look away.
  • Down in New Zealand In 2006 alongside Charlie B (Optimus Gryme) and DJ Funkshun, bill started his 2 year stint doing a weekly freestyle segment on ROLL TV, a nationwide TV show dedicated to drum and bass. Roll TV interviewed world class producers such as Chris Su, Chase n Status, Bryan G, D Bridge, SUV, Limewax and Artificial Intelligence just to name a few. It also gave bill a chance to bump heads with some of the finest electronic music producers in the world. Killing dance floors week in and week out at Aucklands legendary ‘Fu Bar’ for years, alongside New Zealands finest DJs and MC’s he earnt not only the respect of heads and punters but also of his peers. A true ‘journey man’ of the AK city scene.
  • Four time partner in crime to New Zealands original dub step pioneer Charlie B aka ‘Optimus Gryme’ fluid honed his craft whilst helping bring the NZ Dubstep scene to life in the hearts and minds of the NZ masses. He intends to deliver future works that will help to push a new trip hop-post rocktronica-hybrid sound to not only the masses in New Zealand and Australia, but also to the world.
  • Having been at the heart of New Zealand Bass Culture for near on 10 years, nominated for a Bnet award for his part in ‘The Unscene – money won’t save you’ aswell as having a weekly ‘freestyle news’ on Aucklands number 1 underground radio station BFM, and performing at some of the biggest festivals held in NZ such as Phat, Groove in the Park and numerous Deep, Hard & Funky events, bill is a truelly seasoned performer.
  • He has performed alongside international heavyweights such as Rusko and Kryptic Minds, Kid Kenobi & MC Sureshock, Tes La Rok, Cotti, Joker, Triage and on a side note: also had push up competitions/drinking games with legends Coki and Mala.
  • Also of course having played alongside, (and drank the riders of) good bros and NZ legends such as Optimus Gryme, TRUTH, DLT, Dan Native, Organikismness, TAOS, Tiki Taane, Soulware, Mt Eden, Trei, Scratch 22, The Upbeats, P Diggs, State of Mind, The Arc, The Unscene, Jason Howson, Bugsy, Bulletproof, Consequence, Cern, MC Woody, MC Beau, MC Mana and many other Aotearoa Allstars.
  • Having had tunes released on New Zealand’s seminal Bassweight Recordings imprint and NZs legendary Optimus Gryme recordings setting a solid foundation and fan base has only been the tip of the iceberg. This year fluid sets to team up with some of NZs finest producers, musicians, vocalists, DJs and film makers to push not only fresh and creative music and visuals but a world class live performance with the aid of NZ born DJ Orphan, 4ormul◭fourfour will become a household name.

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