26-July-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist

25 Aug

26-July-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist


Sola Rosa – Promise feat. Olivier Daysoul (Tall Black Guy Remix)
Portz – Reminisce
JBrown – Space Sex
Sola Rosa – Promise (Isaac Aesili Remix)
The Shakedown – Too Far Gone feat. Timmy P MC
Mercy – hXc Hip Hop
Mercy – Out To The Real Headz
Matherbe – Probable Cause
Mercy – YUGEN
Munashe x Raiza Biza – All About (Prod. By Haan 808)
H O N E B E G O O D – Peter & Paul
Espionage – Leave You In The Summertime (Led Zeppelin x George Gershwin)
Truth – Surveillance Society
Crime Heat Beats (Grafics) – Art & Soul
DGK – Temptations feat. Jesse Drysdale (Prod. by Crime Heat Beats)
Raiza Biza – Art & Soul Verse
Olux & Teknizm – Modern Stalking (Double Negative Remix)

Click here to stream via Mixcloud
Click here to stream via SoundCloud [inactive]

Indiginous Dubs Replay (Hour 1)
Friday 2-3pm (NZST – GMT +12/13)
107.3 FM (Auckland; Aotearoa / NZ) | Freeview: 71 (NZ)
http://www.basefm.co.nz | http://www.digidubs.co.nz | http://www.facebook.com/digidubs | http://www.digidubs.wordpress.com | twitter: @digidubs

Hour 1: Indiginous Dubs (NZ On Air)

– Real Kiwi Music

Hi team, big shouts straight up to New Zealand On Air for committing to the programme for another year, we’re doing something real good for Kiwi music – onwards & upwards, stage two here we go!

Enjoy the programme, I loved making it.

If you’ve got tuneage for the programme goto > www.facebook.com/digidubs; @digidubs or digidubs.base@gmail.com

All tracks from Aotearoa (New Zealand) – Thank you for supporting the artists & the programme 😉



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