31-May-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist

2 Jun

31-May-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist

Sammy Gold – Will Not Bow to Terror (Naram Refix)
Newtown Sound – Freedom Dubs
Iron Will Meets Israel Starr – I Know
Iron Will Meets Israel Starr – Hardcore Stylie
Dub Terminator – Run Away (Sgt Juggler vs Dub Terminator)
Heist Beats – Sleepy Head
JBrown – Arlo
INF – Deserve It
Iron Will – Pocket Full Of Rhymes feat. Dazz Cass
Adi Dick – Nightbus
Third3ye – Nha Trang [Prod. SwervinMervin]
Third3ye – Medicine [Prod. SwervinMervin]
INF – Front Yard
BigNick PearlCity x Portz – Sulfuric Acid feat. $ureiya o Taosu
OoGuN – SatyrDay
The Real Live Show vs Digitek (Redline Refix) (Joe Revell) – Cyaan Do Dat In NY

Click here to stream via Mixcloud
Click here to stream via SoundCloud [inactive]

Indiginous Dubs Replay (Hour 1)
Friday 2-3pm (NZST – GMT +12/13)
107.3 FM (Auckland; Aotearoa / NZ) | Freeview: 71 (NZ)
http://www.basefm.co.nz | http://www.digidubs.co.nz | http://www.facebook.com/digidubs | http://www.digidubs.wordpress.com | twitter: @digidubs

Hour 1: Indiginous Dubs (NZ On Air)
– Real Kiwi Music


Here we go with the last programme for NZ Music Month & it’s a biggy. We take off with some reggae & big rhythms before chilling the f*ck out with some sleepy beats & picking it back up with a bite into a bunch of tasty new hip hop.

Mean as
If you wanna submit some tuneage goto > www.facebook.com/digidubs; @digidubs or email digidubs.base@gmail.com

All tracks from Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Thank you for supporting the artists & the programme 😉





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