29-March-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist

1 Apr

29-Mar-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist

Supervillains RMC – Durham Lane
Yolanda – I’ve Got A Star
Enki – Sin
Kbuto – Sprinkler
Vella – Corrupt
Choice Vaughan – Sweet Nothings (Keep It Right There, Baby)
Shanalog.Beats – Song For A Girl
Shanalog.Beats – Eudaimonia
Fatigue Ebola – Underworld
Jellphonic – Smack
MF Doom – Benzie Box (Opiuo Rework)
SoulChef – 7th Floor feat. Raiza Biza
Hikoikoi – Jah Armour
Antix – Validity feat. Jessie
Soulflex – Invade (Original Mix)

Click here to stream via Mixcloud

Easy all.

This week’s programme (being the last of the month) focus’ on artists I’ve not played in 2013 (& often never at all).

It’s a personal journey into a whole heap of undiscovered (to me) artists and you’re guaranteed to find your new favourite.
Rock, hip hop, beats, experimental, reggae, electronic & drum & bass are all covered.

I snuck in the new ones from SuperVillains RMC & Raiza Biza too 🙂

This programme brought to you by by me with the support of Base Fm & NZ On Air.

Peace & respect


Party Cat

Party Cat


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