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19-April-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist

19 Apr

19-Apr-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist

Salty x Dog Productions – Time
Discothèque – Disco Special (Funk Ferret Edit)
Samu – Huffle
Ari – Bozo
The Midnight Trips – Never Far
Funk Village – Head Above Water (SMVbeatz Remix)
Shanalog.Beats – Things Change
Portz – Lanterns
Module – Capture Warm Shadows
The Basement Tapes – Arms Around Me
Bulletproof – Don’t Let Me TRVP You
Nina Simone – Feelin Good (DJ Alias Remix)
Stepa – Planet Krunk
Bob.iLL – Eskmo Style 1
Soul Science – Rewards
Buck Rogers + Imagine This – Bounce (Hollow Crooks Remix)

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Hey Team

I’m moving house this week so I’ve been pretty short on time to prep up the programm. Not too long before I hit the studio I kinda just chucked a whole heap of newish bits into a folder with the thought that I’d sort it out while I recorded…
Funny how when you don’t over-think things the results come out sparkling… I’m really proud of this programme 🙂

All tracks from Aotearoa (New Zealand)



Club Cat

Club Cat


12-April-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist

14 Apr

12-Apr-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist

Nina Simone – Feelin Good (DJ Alias Remix)
Getafix vs. The Revelations & Tre Williams – I Forgot To Be Your Jungle Lover
Getafix vs. J-Star – Ten Feet Tall
Optimus Gryme – Global Enemies Bootleg feat. Kemo
Buck Rogers – Bounce feat. Imagine This (Hollow Crooks Remix)
Soulflex – Invade
Alion – A Tale Indeed
Olie Bassweight – Holon
Olie Bassweight & Getafix – Getaweight
Olie Bassweight & Getafix – The Nefarious Merkin
Soulware – Virgo
MARC:ONE & Mr. Hyde – Everyday
Blackplanet – Temptation feat. Stepa

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If you love Jungle & Drum & Bass then this here be the programme for you. Some wicked new stuff lines up next to some of my favourites of the year & a few recent bits from late 2012.

Big up to the one like DJ Getafix for hooking me up with a whole heap of new bits outta Nelson.

All tracks from Aotearoa (New Zealand)





05-April-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist (Best of March)

5 Apr

05-Apr-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist

Jane Deezy x INF – Everything Red (Prod. S.F.T)
The Midnight Trips – Never Far
JBrown & The Mic Smith – Like This
Budspells – So Fluid (-ism- Remix)
MF Doom – Benzie Box (Opiuo Rework)
Portz – Lightning Strikes feat. Eddy P
The Doqument – Vocals Be Traveling
SuperVillains RMC – Durham Lane
Shanalog.Beats – Song For A Girl
The Basement Tapes – Modulus (I Pray)
Soulflex – Invade (Original Mix)
Olie Bassweight – Holon
Criss Hathaway feat. Bailey & The Rattrap Crew – Voice of Her
Echo Company – True feat. Cronik
Lumpsum – Trusting You feat. Maya Wolff
Soulware – Augmented Seed (Dub Version)
SoulChef – 7th Floor feat. Raiza Biza

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I love the first Friday of every month because it’s the programme where I take all my top tracks from the previous month and (this part is extremely difficult) mould them into a programme that tries to cover all bases of bass.

There’s always favourites that get left out (this makes me sad) but the end result is always a damn good listen exposing damn good talent.

A special show also deserves a special picture… how about Camo Cat?




29-March-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist

1 Apr

29-Mar-2013: Indiginous Dubs Playlist

Supervillains RMC – Durham Lane
Yolanda – I’ve Got A Star
Enki – Sin
Kbuto – Sprinkler
Vella – Corrupt
Choice Vaughan – Sweet Nothings (Keep It Right There, Baby)
Shanalog.Beats – Song For A Girl
Shanalog.Beats – Eudaimonia
Fatigue Ebola – Underworld
Jellphonic – Smack
MF Doom – Benzie Box (Opiuo Rework)
SoulChef – 7th Floor feat. Raiza Biza
Hikoikoi – Jah Armour
Antix – Validity feat. Jessie
Soulflex – Invade (Original Mix)

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Easy all.

This week’s programme (being the last of the month) focus’ on artists I’ve not played in 2013 (& often never at all).

It’s a personal journey into a whole heap of undiscovered (to me) artists and you’re guaranteed to find your new favourite.
Rock, hip hop, beats, experimental, reggae, electronic & drum & bass are all covered.

I snuck in the new ones from SuperVillains RMC & Raiza Biza too 🙂

This programme brought to you by by me with the support of Base Fm & NZ On Air.

Peace & respect


Party Cat

Party Cat