Under Construction…

5 Feb

He, I’ve always wanted to use that as a post title…

Soooo anyway, I’m making this resource in my spare time and it’s taking quite a while so I just wanted to say please bear/bare/beer with me as I build it and make it better 🙂  I’ve got to add every artist I’ve played this year and every week I get a bunch more on the Indiginous Dubs roll.

I’m off canoeing the Whanganui River for Waitangi so there won’t be an update till Mondayish… but if you’re one of my awesome first users here’s a treat… this Friday, the 8th’s Indiginous Dubs programme (whaaaaa?)

Enjoy here – wicked tunes from…

P.S. My cat mixed this programme

Meow Mix - We Deliver

Meow Mix – We Deliver


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